Unusual Proposal

CW/TW: This story is NSFW! There is explicit sexual content between two women involved. If you are under the age of 18, or not particularly into sapphic erotica, you should probably find something else to read.

An invitation to the Kreoca Palace was a high honor. 

An unexpected honor.

Especially for an entertainer like Namina. She’d performed in front of numerous crowds of all different sizes, but never somewhere that held such prestige.

With this solid, impossibly real, invitation in her hand, she flipped it idly back and forth, as if it were some kind of mistake.

She looked up at the courier as her brows drew together. “Um… I don’t understand.”

This dragon was big. In a half humanoid form, he filled her entire door frame and then some, but he kept his wings in tight, close to his body. He held his hands in front of himself and his eyes down. As if attempting to appear small. When he spoke, his voice stayed low and soft. 

“It is as written, Milady. The Queen has requested your presence at this year’s celebration.”

“But… why?”

He stared at her and didn’t reply. She took that as an answer. It was likely he didn’t understand either and had just as many questions as she did.

She sighed and went to close the door when the courier spoke up and stopped her. “My Queen has instructed me to wait here for your response. She wishes to know your answer as soon as possible.”

Her jaw dropped. She blinked a number of times and shook her head and tried to make sense of the implications of that. Looking back down at the invitation, she noticed her fingers were trembling around the paper, and had to force herself to focus on the words.

Underneath an elegant seal of Kreoca lettering was the following:

‘To the Fae Songstress, Namina Beijyre. The honor of your presence has been requested by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Iman, at this year’s celebrational Celestial Soiree.’

So, she was… Personally singled out. By name. She hadn’t expected the Queen to have heard of her. Was she being invited as a guest and not as an entertainer? So many questions. Not a single answer made sense. The date was set for two weeks away, during the night of the full moon. 

Should she go?

Namina looked back up at the courier. “Um… I’d like to think about this for a bit, before making a decision.”

He nodded and spun on his heel. “There is no rush, Milady. I will wait here patiently until you have your answer.”

She wanted to argue. Wanted to press for him to leave and come back the next day at least. But instead she sighed and closed the door. She had a feeling that nothing she said would matter. Even if she left him waiting all night, he wouldn’t move from that spot without her response. 

Dragons were notoriously stubborn creatures. 


In the end, Namina agreed to go. 

She’d always been interested in attending one of the parties and the special invitation had her particularly intrigued. If the Queen wished for her presence, then she would grant it to her.

Namina styled her hair into cascading puffballs that draped all the way down her back and dressed in a flowing silver gown that reminded her of starlight. There was an open back for her wings and two large slits up the legs that granted her full mobility, she adorned small silver cuffs to separate each individual puff in her hair, and glittering silver bracelets around her ankles.

Overall, she wanted to leave an impression. The feeling that she was going to be tested tonight was strong and thus she needed to be prepared. 

She expected it would take her a little over an hour to fly there, but once she stepped outside, she paused in her tracks. To her shock, waiting outside was a carriage with the Royal seal emblazoned on the back. Harnessed to the front were eight birdlike beasts with large wings and massive heads that tapered down into sharp beaks, with elongated necks that gave them an awkward posture. Namina had encountered a few of these creatures while soaring the skies and none had been as big as these.  

She’d be lying if she said her heart hadn’t felt a small chill slice through it as her palms grew cold. Swallowing thickly, she walked over to the carriage, where the same courier from before was waiting, but kept her eyes fixed on the birds. 

“Lady Namina, your transportation for the evening,” he said. She missed what he’d done exactly, but she’d thought he might’ve motioned towards the door.

Taking a moment to experience the whole carriage, she focused on the Dragon and smiled. “The Queen must’ve worried I would get lost on my way there.”

Though he didn’t respond, she could clearly see the way his lip curled up just as she lifted herself up into the cabin with her wings. The ride was even shorter using the royal transportation and thus she had less time to prepare for whatever she might be getting into.

Namina had not informed anyone of where she was going tonight. And now, as she sat across from the Dragon Queen’s personal courier inside of the Golden Claw Coach, she wondered if that was a mistake. 

The courier, she learned, was named Ciedrior, and he has served the Queen for more than ten years. He seemed to have nothing but praise to give her.

“Our Lady even goes out of her way to ask me about my day and how my family are doing at home. Even being so gracious as to offer for me to go home whenever my family requests my presence.”

Namina hummed. “That sounds very considerate of her.”

“She is indeed.”

“So… if you had to guess then, knowing Her Majesty as well as you do, why do you think I was sent this invitation? Is there something I should know beforehand?”

His animated features suddenly muted as his brows drew together. His expression clearly was not trying to give anything he shouldn’t give away, but Namina scooted to the edge of her seat.

“You can’t really blame my curiosity, can you? Surely there must be something, anything, hm?” She fluttered her lashes, trying to plead with him, and clasping her hands together. “I promise anything you say will stay between us. So, come on, hm? Please?”

He shook his head.

“You can trust my word,” she tried again. “It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just… something.”

He still didn’t respond, but turned his gaze to the window.

“I promise I’ll stop asking if you tell me something.”

This time, he sighed heavily, and then spoke. “All I know is that Our Lady has wanted to invite Lady Namina for a long time. The first time I heard her mention something about it being probably six months ago.”

Namina blinked, slightly stunned. “I see.” She sat back. “Thank you for answering me.”  Perhaps this meant she had little to worry about. However, there were still so many questions. 

Arriving at the Palace was another unexpected surprise. Gathered all around the courtyard were numerous handmaidens and servants, all aligned down the cobblestone walkway. As the carriage touched down onto the ground, each person bowed as she went by, and made a small movement with their left hands; a crescent within a small circle. Namina sat back quickly, trying to hide behind the thin curtains that shaded the windows, her heart hammering against her ribs. 

The carriage rolled to a stop and Ciedrior opened the door and stepped outside, turning and holding the door for Namina. She slowly stepped out and the group that surrounded her all bowed once more – making that same strange symbol with their left hands. Tiny whispers were exchanged as everyone looked at her, some more excitedly than the others. The words ‘singing’ and ‘performance’ being thrown around here and there.

So that was the purpose for her invitation? To perform at the Soiree?

Namina smiled at the group and nodded her head and a few of the maidens squealed in response. 

“Lady Namina! What an honor to officially meet you.”

From the castle doors strode the Queen herself, looking even more magnificent than Namina remembered. Barefoot, yet her entire outfit was made out of delicate white gems, and a soft sheer fabric draped from her fingers up her elbows and around her back. It reminded Namina of some kind of mythical vision she’d only seen in dreams. The Queen’s arms were outstretched and she had an excited grin upon her face. The closer she got to Namina however, the more uncertain her steps grew, and the sway in her tail lessened. But that grin stayed bright.

Before today, there was only one occasion that Namina had been in the Queen’s presence. At the coronation, over ten years prior. 

She had stayed in the back, and only saw the actual transference of power, but it was the most memorable moment of her entire existence. 

The Queen was always beautiful. Her hair was braided so her crown sat perfectly between her horns atop her head. The silver and gold metals shimmered against her dark brown skin and illuminated the scales around her face. She spoke with a firm clarity and Namina was hooked on every word, but the moment the celebration started, she left. Of course, Namina had wanted to stay, but her time was limited. She only happened to be making a pitstop in the city that day. Her grandmother required a special medicine from the neighboring town and Namina didn’t wish to keep her waiting too long.

So she left and that was that.

Until now.

Queen Iman stopped just a few feet away, dwarfing Namina’s size by half and left her feeling miniscule in comparison. Nevertheless, Namina bowed respectfully in greeting. 

“Your Majesty, the honor is mine. I cannot tell you how humbled I am to have received your invitation. I am just a simple songstress after all.”

“Oh nonsense! You are—” The Queen blinked, catching herself, and shook her head before starting again. “Any guest of mine is no ‘simple’ anything.”

“Your Majesty,” Namina bowed her head again, a small grin tugging at her lips. When she looked back up, the Queen seemed to be looking at her for longer than was necessary. 

Was there something wrong with how she looked?

Namina placed her hand on her chest, her heart racing under her fingertips. The Queen’s gaze flicked down for a moment. But thankfully, Queen Iman blinked and seemed to come back to herself. “This will seem very bold, Lady Namina. But you look stunning.”

Namina smiled. “Thank you. However you are far more ravishing than I could ever compare.”

“Nonsense. I am very glad you were able to attend tonight. Have you ever been to one of our Soiree’s before?”

“I, personally, have not. Most previous events happened on nights when I had other things scheduled, or I hadn’t been given any knowledge of its occurrence.”

“I understand perfectly. Well, in that case please, come,” Queen Iman beckoned for her to follow. “I wish to have you well acquainted by the time the party begins.”

“Well acquainted?”

“Of course!”

“With yourself, you mean?”

“Yes,” she nodded but then froze, eyes widening for a fraction of a moment before a neutral expression settled back over her face. 

“I suppose we do have a lot to discuss,” Namina agreed.

“My thoughts exactly. I am most eager to get into them all.”

Namina bowed. “Of course, Your Majesty. As you wish.”

To her surprise, a small frown crossed Queen Iman’s face. 

“You all may leave us,” she said to the still lingering crowd and motioned for Namina to follow. They walked into the castle, straight through the grand foyer and into the halls. Queen Iman didn’t seem to be trying to acquaint Namina with the castle. Instead she followed a direct line through numerous hallways that led to her personal study. After ushering Namina inside first and the door closed behind them, all bravado disappeared. 

Queen Iman stayed standing at the door, nervously picking at her claws as her tail flicked. Namina watched her, waiting in the middle of the room, and crossed her arms. 

“I… I imagine you’re curious about the very… untoward invitation.”

“A bit, Your Majesty.”

“Please, don’t.” She shook her head and took a step forward. “I mean… it’s just the two of us. Please just… call me Iman.”

Namina blinked. “I… may not be well versed in your customs, but I am quite certain that would be seen as rude, and do not wish to show you such disrespect.”

Queen Iman smiled slightly. “But as a partner, is it not normal to have a bit of intimacy between us?”

Partner? Intimacy? Namina blinked, clearing her throat. “Partners in what, might I ask?”

Queen Iman took a step forward. “The relations between the Fae and Dragons have always been precarious throughout the years. Mutual respect exists between us, but we do not interact with one another despite being neighboring countries.” She motioned for Namina to sit as she took the seat across from her. “I would like to see if, perhaps, we could form a friendship between nations.”

“And how would we do that, exactly?”

“There are multiple ways we could go about it. To begin with, we could start by including the Fae in the royal court.”

Namina sat back and tilted her head. “Including the Fae, how?”

“I have a few ideas.” her eyes slipped down to the floor. “One of them being an Ambassador. Which would involve a bit of finesse with politics and negotiations. Or t-there’s…” Tripping over her words, Queen Iman blinked and shook her head. Namina, who was staring back in silence, waited for her to compose herself. 

Queen Iman cleared her throat and closed her eyes as the words rushed out of her mouth. “Or there’s the position of my Lady-in-Waiting.”

Namina tilted her head. “What do they wait for?”

“Officially it’s just a title, but the duties vary.”

She crossed her legs and noticed how Queen Iman’s eyes locked on them. Or how her gaze slowly rolled up to her breasts before finally landing on her face. 

Queen Iman froze once she realized Namina had been watching. Even the air in the room seemed to freeze.

Things were slowly becoming much clearer. 

“I suppose it is your idea, as well, that I be the one to take on this role. In which case I must ask, why choose a random songstress instead of one of the royal Fae?”

“I have brought my proposal of the Ambassador to many of the Fae royals previously, however, none of them were willing to listen. And you may not be a royal per se, but you do hold a great amount of respect from many of the people. You’ve even grown your name here in the city over time. You claim to be a ‘simple songstress’ and yet I’ve heard tales of your enchanting performances for many years.”

Now, Namina had no response. For a moment she felt flustered and looked away. 

“There are many people that already speak highly of you,” the Queen continued. “Your name already holds honor to it. This would merely be giving you an official title if you really think about it. Well… that and… relocating, of course.” She chuckled softly, almost nervously.


Queen Iman nodded. “Yes, if, for example, you decided to take on the title as my Lady-in-Waiting, then you would be given your own wing here within the castle.”

“And what would I gain in joining the royal court?”

“Connections, my dear lady, are a very powerful thing to have. And as my personal Lady, you would have one of the highest honors, and therefore, the most varied selection of connections at your behest.”

“And as your Lady-in-Waiting, what would my duties be?”

“Whatever you want them to be.”

Namina blinked, head jerking back slightly. “Is that truly accurate?”

“Of course. I would not lie to you.”

“But is that usual for a Lady-in-Waiting? To simply… do as she pleases?” The hesitation on the Queen’s face had Namina nodding. “So, I’m receiving special treatment.”

Queen Iman kept her face neutral, staying silent, and Namina hummed softly as she stood up and slowly walked around the room. She walked by the wall of books and ran her hand along certain decorative pieces. Every so often she would peek over at the Queen, who remained stoic and strong, but there was something timid in the air around her. It made Namina curious. 

She walked around to the back of the desk and rested her folded arms against the chair. Still, Queen Iman said nothing about her bold actions. 

“I think I’d like to ponder over this decision for a while. Will you give me some time?”

Queen Iman looked right at her. “On one condition.”

Namina raised one brow.

“If you choose to accept… Please call me Iman.”

This offer of being the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting meant something more than what it sounded like. The only question was, what exactly was the secret message behind the words? 

Namina thought she might have a clue. But she didn’t want to jump to conclusions and risk the safety of her people. This was quite a predicament. The party, however, was a spectacular event. Even more magnificent than the stories she’d heard in the past. People were dancing everywhere, and those who weren’t dancing were sitting at tables that were piled with plates filled with an array of different foods. Servers walked to and fro with trays both full and empty as they kept the guests hydrated. Little scaly lizards ran on their hind legs and skittered around in packs, trying to sneak scraps of food, and playing mischievous games with whomever caught their eye. 

She walked into the royal hall and the announcer called out her name, she noticed a number of folk seemed excited to see her. A small group even came to meet her at the entrance and introduced themselves. 

A young Fire Drake from the magma lands introduced himself first, practically throwing himself at her feet as he went into minute detail about each of her performances that he’d seen. An Elvish aristocrat interrupted him, exclaiming about how she’d had to listen to him gush about Namina for days on end, and how it was rude of him to monopolize her time now. Amazingly enough, his comeback was sharp and quick and had her fired up immediately. The two began bickering like a pair of pixies in the middle of a complicated prank.

Namina managed to slip away.

She continued to talk to different guests, some she had even met prior. All the while she thought about the court, those she would have to interact with on a daily basis, and the responsibilities of a Lady. It was a lot. Perhaps she was getting too far in over her head.

Feeling something behind her, Namina turned. Desire glinted in the Queen’s stare. Her gaze dragged over Namina’s ass, almost stuck in that spot, but the moment their eyes met, across the room, she looked away quickly. Focusing instead on the crowd gathered around herself. So, Namina’s earlier suspicions were correct then. The Queen wanted her.

The invitation. The escort. The title offer. Namina suddenly felt as if she were being courted romantically and it had her looking at the Queen in a whole new light. It was almost thrilling, flattering even to know the real motive. But while there was a flutter within her chest, and a warmth within her bones, there was also a nervousness that settled deep within her gut.

When their gazes reconnected however, Namina didn’t bother to turn away. She held the look until the Queen suddenly blinked and looked away, flustered. 

She wanted to play with this newfound knowledge. But she needed to be careful. There was every chance that she was reading something into nothing.

Even so, she strode over to where the Queen was chatting with another Elf. She caught their attention as she drew closer and bowed.

“Pardon my intrusion,” she said with a bright smile. “I wondered, Your Majesty, if you aren’t too busy, that I might beg for just a moment of your time?”

“Of course, Lady Namina.” Queen Iman nodded at the Elven man, who understood he was being dismissed, and turned her attention to Namina. “What is it you need?”

Namina’s soft smile grew into a smirk. “I wanted to confirm something.”

Queen Iman blinked, taking a step forward, but maintaining a respectable distance between them, and tilted her head to the side. “Yes?” she said in a low voice. “What would you like to confirm?”

Staring into those storm gray eyes, Namina locked her hands behind her back, tilted her chin up, and took a deep breath – her smirk growing. Queen Iman’s eyes meandered down towards her breasts and Namina giggled. “Your proposal… you have another desire in mind.”

Queen Iman swallowed thickly and her voice came out hoarse. “I’m not certain what you could mean.”


Queen Iman cleared her throat, her eyes dashed around the room for a moment before focusing back on Namina. “What are you asking me, My Lady?”

“The truth of the matter is that you really only want me to take the position of your Lady-in-Waiting because you want me to be close to you specifically, no?”

Queen Iman sucked in a breath and once again the air around them froze. 

“My my, now isn’t that a face,” Namina giggled. “Do not fret, Your Majesty. Your secret is safe.”

“Is it?”

“Of course. It’s merely nice to know what exactly I might be getting into if I choose to accept your offer.”

A glimmer shone in the Queen’s irises. “So, you are still considering my offer then?”

“I am. A decision like this can’t be made lightly.”

“No, I suppose it cannot. However,” she stepped closer. “If there is any way that I could try to convince you, I would be more than willing to do so.”

“Oh? Anything, you say?”

“Anything at all.”

“In that case,” Namina stepped back and held out her hand—palm side down—insisting on a dance. The Queen’s eyes widened by a fraction, but she took Namina’s hand, and brought her knuckles to her forehead for a moment. She turned, watching Namina, and led her onto the dance floor.

Once people took notice of the Queen walking out, voices hushed. She spun Namina and brought them flush together. Very clearly in her element. Namina smiled.

They moved together in unison as if they’ve studied one another for years. Queen Iman spun, lifting Namina with one arm as if she were nothing and making her heart flutter. Namina gilded effortlessly alongside each of Queen Iman’s long strides – her wings just as skilled as her legs. Namina practically melted everytime Iman pulled her closer into her chest. Namina hoped her face didn’t show how flustered she truly felt.

As the music slowed and they drew to a stop, the crowd broke out in applause, and Namina’s heart felt like it might leap out of her chest. Queen Iman was breathing heavily, but her eyes stayed locked on Namina.

Bowing, Namina noticed a hopeful glint in the Queen’s eye.

“Please accept,” she said as the crowd ascended on them, showering them both with awe and praise.

Giggling, Namina stepped away and turned to those approaching, purposely avoiding giving any reply.

As much as it probably shouldn’t, hearing the Queen beg made her feel indescribable. All she knew was that it was a delicious sound and she wanted to hear more.

Instead, she thanked the crowd profusely and tried to excuse herself, but everyone wanted to have a word with her as well. Making a spectacle had not been her plan.

“She can sing and dance,” said one voice.

“You dance so well, Your Majesty!” cried another.

“How exciting it is to watch you in action, Lady Namina.”

Others cried still, “Encore, encore!”

Queen Iman took Namina’s hand and together they bowed to the delight of the crowd. A few started dancing as the music started again and Queen Iman led them off the floor. She looked at Namina and went to speak, but paused when some duke called out. 

“Your Majesty! A moment of your time, if you please.”

Namina grinned and bowed to excuse herself. 

Oh, the fun she would have.

Eventually, as the birds began singing and the sun peeked over the horizon, Namina went home. She’d made it a point to keep her distance from the Queen for the rest of the night and watched how increasingly disappointed she grew over time. Her infatuation was obvious once identified.

Now, as Namina laid in bed looking at the enchanted sky ceiling, she wondered if the Queen was thinking about her. But then she worried about her thoughts. What if she decided to accept the offer and lost her home in the process? Or what if she hated life in the royal court?

Sighing, she got out of bed, freeing her hair from its silky cocoon bonnet, and dressed in a pair of loose pants and a bralette, and flew over to her best friend’s hut. Luckily, Brynn was already awake and making breakfast by the time she arrived.

“Pleasant morning, baby,” Brynn greeted.

“Pleasant morning,” she replied, sitting on the stump.

“You weren’t home last night. Where did you go?”

“Did you come over?”

Brynn nodded. “I did. I thought we were going to spend the evening with the stars.”

Namina gasped, slapping her hand over her mouth. Brynn kept speaking as if not noticing her reaction. 

“And you’ve done your hair. It looks good.”

Running her fingers down a strand of her puffs, Namina looked at them sadly. “I’m sorry. I forgot all about our plans. That was wretched of me.”

“It’s fine. What happened?”

She sat up a little straighter, leaning in towards Brynn so she wouldn’t have to speak so loud. “Something… impossible.”

Brynn paused her stirring, the illumination in her hair fading slightly in her distraction. “It couldn’t have been that impossible seeing as it happened.”

“Queen Iman of the Kreocan Kingdom personally invited me to the Celestial Soiree.”

“What?” she exclaimed, eyes wide.

“And when I got there, she offered me the position as her personal Lady-in-Waiting.”

Brynn dropped the spoon. “Did you accept?”

“I danced with her.”

Shaking her head, Brynn blinked wildly, and waved around her arms. “Wait wait wait! Back up. Hold on, back up. The Queen invited you? And… and offered you to…” She shook her head again in disbelief. “And you danced?! What does that mean? You accepted the proposal right there?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. But… I think it is her intention to court me.”

“What?!” Brynn shrilled.

She flinched. “Must you yell?”

“You think the Dragon Queen, The Silent Mist, Sage of Hope, is inviting you into the royal court specifically to court you?”

Namina’s brows furrowed as she looked down. “It does sound crazy when you phrase it like that.”

“What could give you this belief?”

“It’s just… well… First, there was the obvious. Why me and not a royal? Her response was that none of them were willing to listen. Then I thought she seemed to be looking at me a certain way. Plus she…” The memory of the Queen’s soft plea played in her head and made her feel warm. She shook the memory away. “She kept asking me to say her name.”

Brynn stared for a long moment before she jumped for the hot pan of food and continued stirring. The illumination in her red braids glowed bright once more as the flames reignited. The scent of peppers and onions was strong and made Namina’s mouth water. But the food didn’t stay on her mind for long as she watched Brynn stir in silent contemplation.

“Doesn’t that… I mean… wouldn’t that imply something more than just… political gain?”

“It is unusual.”

Namina scooted closer. “C’mon Brynn. You’ve always held better connections with the royals. Is this type of thing normal?”

“Well, Fae royalty isn’t the same as every other royal. Everyone has their own customs and beliefs. However, I have heard of some individuals who have invited people into the court for sexual endeavors, but even that is usually another highly dignified royal. So, the very fact that she is reaching out to a songstress is the only unusual aspect. But even that isn’t very strange since you hold some renown already.”

“So… you think I should consider?”

“I think this is something that I cannot help you with. You must do what you think is best.”

“But… the Fae…”

“Will always be here to welcome you home. I know you’re cunning enough to survive Court, so what are your concerns?”

Namina looked at the pan and watched Brynn for a minute. “She makes me a bit nervous.”

“Well, she is a Queen.”

“No,” she shook her head. “Not like that. I mean more so… that I don’t know what exactly she really wants. Or what the appropriate thing to do is. Or how I should act towards her. The Queen has always seemed so… untouchable.”

Brynn hummed as she scooped the pan off the fire and set it on another stump. “Do you want to touch her?”

Yes, was her immediate thought. “Don’t most people?”

She sucked her teeth and said, “Now, answer honestly.”

Namina scoffed a chuckle and rolled her eyes. Brynn often knew whenever she was holding back. Sighing, she plopped her head down onto her palm. “Absolutely,” she said dreamily.

Namina hadn’t been able to get the Queen out of her head for a moment since the soiree. She remembered the shimmer of her hair and the luminous glow of her scales, the hopeful gleam in her eyes, the tiny smile that graced her lips when Namina wanted to dance. The careful way she wrapped her hand around Namina’s waist and pulled her in close, or how she trembled when Namina slid her hand up her arm.

Honestly, Namina wanted to do much more than merely touch.

“So, clearly you aren’t opposed to the courting.”

She shrugged. “I suppose not. She’s extremely sexy.”

“Do you think you could like her?”

Namina smiled slightly. “It’s possible.”

“Then might I suggest just taking the position under whatever condition might make you less uncomfortable? I know she’s a Queen, but she might be willing to negotiate if she wants you badly enough.”

“Negotiate with the Queen?”

“Sure,” Brynn shrugged. “She’s already breaking traditions by merely telling you to call her something other than her title.”

“I suppose so.”

Chuckling, Brynn shook her head and piled some food onto a plate for Namina. “Don’t overthink it, baby. You’d be surprised to learn what all you can get away with in the royal court.”

A couple of days later, there was another knock on Namina’s door.

Ciedrior, the Queen’s courier, was once again on her stoop, dressed in the finest clothes and the Kreocan seal emblazoned on his chest. Behind him was the grand Golden Claw Coach in all its ostentatious glory.


“Lady Namina,” he bowed low. “The Queen has requested your presence.”

“My- for what purpose, might I ask?”

“I have not been given any details, Milady. Only the orders I’m required to follow.”

Namina sighed and nodded. “Please wait here for a moment.”

He agreed. She shut the door and was flooded by nerves. Running to her bedroom, she began flinging all of her clothes around to find something fitting for the palace. The whole time her mind ran wild. The sudden summons was strange enough, but the secrecy made it worse.

Had she done something wrong and not realized it?

Finding a flowing dress, Namina deemed it suitable enough, and threw it on.

Namina stepped out of the carriage. A small shiver ran up her legs and threatened to make her fall. This time there were only a handful of handmaidens waiting for her, bowing once she laid eyes on them. The one in the forefront greeted her.

“Welcome back, Lady Namina. We’re delighted to see you’ve made it safely.”

Namina smiled and bowed her head. “Pleasant afternoon to you and everyone. It is wonderful to see you all again.”

“I hope your ride went smoothly.”

“Very much so, yes.”

“I am glad.” She gestured to herself. “We were not properly introduced last time. Please, allow me to rectify this. I am the Head Maiden, Delfine. Behind me we have Miri, Lox, Viersys, Omru, and Cheti.” Each one bowed when their name was called and Namina returned the motion.

Maiden Delfine finished the introduction and then offered to personally escort Namina to the Queen. As they walked, Delfine provided little facts about the castle’s history, or pointed out artifacts the Queen discovered herself. They went through the path that displayed all the power and influence of the Monarchy in full. Pictures depicting battles between Dragons and ghoul fiends, fires raging across lands and destroying everything in their path, statues of warriors in victorious poses of killing off enemies they were facing. It felt a bit like a warning.

Eventually, they walked out onto a quiet patio garden, and waiting at the one lone table was Queen Iman herself, draped in a luxurious silver robe and large sparkling gems dangling from her ears. 

Once the Queen saw Namina, she stood up and smiled. “My Lady! It’s so good to see you again.”

Namina bowed low and grinned. “Your Majesty, it is an honor. Two invitations in under a month. I’m beginning to think I really am getting special treatment.”

“Would you like special treatment?”

Blinking, Namina chuckled. “Bold. Is the truth finally surfacing?”

“The truth? Whatever do you mean?” She dismissed Delfine and led them back to the table. “I have been honest with you at every moment of our encounters. I assure you.”

“No, I don’t really think that’s true actually, Your Majesty.”

“Whatever gives you that impression?” She looked studious as she poured a pink spritzer into an ice filled glass and slid it over. “Is this to your liking? If not, I can get something else.”

The drink was light and refreshing. Not too sweet or sour, but the perfect drink on a day as sweltering hot as today. Namina grinned and nodded. “It’s delicious.”

“Wonderful,” she smiled and poured herself a glass.

“So, Your Majesty.” She set down her glass. “What is the purpose behind this invitation?”

“I wished to speak with you.”

“About the Lady-in-Waiting position?”

Queen Iman sat up straight, eyes alight. “That’s correct.”

Namina folded her hands upon the tabletop and sat forward. Her heart hammered against her chest as she took what felt like one of the biggest risks she could make. With a wide smile on her face, she said, “Actually, I’d rather talk about you.”

The way Queen Iman’s eyes widened was almost comical. Namina had to stop herself from giggling.

“Myself? What,” she cleared her throat. “What about myself would you like to know?”

She took a sip of her drink as Namina thought. “Do you like to be touched?” she asked finally and caused the Queen to sputter and choke.

“Oh my!” Namina jumped up and began patting the Queen’s back while handing over a napkin. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” she coughed again, covering her mouth with the offered cloth. “Yes, I’m quite alright. Please forgive me. I must’ve inhaled at the wrong moment. I’m fine, though.”

“Are you sure?” Her brows drew together. The Queen looked up but as soon as their eyes met, she froze, and the corner of Namina’s mouth lifted. “Your Majesty, please tell me whether you’re sure or not.”

“I,” she cleared her throat, her voice sounding a bit hoarse. “Yes, My Lady. I am quite sure.”

“Good.” Namina smiled and returned to her own chair. “Well then, would you like me to ask a different question? Or—”

“No! No, I’ll answer.” She pushed her braids off of her shoulders and tucked a few behind her ears. After settling herself, and taking a quick, steadying breath, she folded her hands over the table. “I do not mind being touched, but for most, I prefer consent before they approach.”

“In what ways do you like to be touched?”

Queen Iman’s eyes widened fractionally. “It… varies.”

“Hm,” Namina nodded and sat back, crossing her arms. Disappointed by the answer, she allowed her face to display her displeasure—a crease forming between her brows and a pout on her lips—Queen Iman stuttered forward. 

“I-I mean… It really depends. For example, who would be doing the touching? If it were someone like the Duke of Triah Thijan, then anything more than a hand touch, or a simple dance, would be too much. My servants understand where and how to touch me at all times and thus no boundaries are crossed. But… if it were a lover, however,” she swallowed thickly. “That is something else entirely.”

“With your lovers in particular… Do you enjoy staying in control?”

“S-staying…” Clearing her throat one more time, Queen Iman took a quick sip of her drink, and began fanning herself.

Namina tilted her head, a thrill running up her spine. “Are you alright, Your Majesty? Should I get you anything?”

“No, please,” she panted slightly as her voice drew lower. “I- you- N-no. That’s not what I want.”

“Oh? Please, do tell, I’m curious to know.”

For a moment, Queen Iman just stared, until Namina began to feel like she had gone a little too far. She kept her face as neutral as possible. After a while, the sound of scuffing footwear against the floor echoed from somewhere in the castle. The Queen’s eyes broke away as she checked their surroundings. Once she seemed satisfied, she spoke softly. 

“My Lady, may we move this conversation somewhere more private? Anywhere that you’ll be comfortable, just… private.”

“Of course, Your Majesty.” 

The Queen stood and Namina followed suit and together they walked inside. Unlike Madame Delfine, Queen Iman led them through a quieter, more unexpected route. This was less about pomp and circumstance, and more about speed through the castle. Down one particularly long corridor, there was a tapestry depicting a Silver Dragon in all its reptilian glory as it burst from gathering storm clouds. A small village waiting below for the impending doom. 

Queen Iman went straight to the left corner and pushed the tapestry to the side, revealing a door. After pressing on a sequence of stones, the wall slid open and a set of stairs twisted up to an unknown place. 

“This path will lead us to my personal study. We should be relatively alone while up there. Is that… I mean… would this be acceptable for you?”

“If you’d prefer-” Namina shrugged but was cut off by the Queen’s emphatic response.

“No! Sorry. N-no. That’s… not what I… That’s not what I want. You can… Tell me.”

Namina blinked, tilting her head to the side. “Tell you?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Tell me… everything. All that you desire, whenever you desire it. Please tell me.”

Namina’s brows rose. “That’s quite the freedom you’re allowing me.”

“Does that make you uncomfortable?”

“Uncertain is the word, I think.”

“Then please, allow me to explain.” She motioned towards the stairwell. “Please.”

Was this a trap? It was hard to tell, but the risk was absolutely thrilling. The side of Namina’s mouth pulled up as she stepped up and began the climb. The echo of the door sliding closed reverberated around her as darkness took over.

Speaking softly, she ignited a small flame in the palm of her hand to illuminate the steps as she continued upwards. The unmistakable sound of hurried footfalls caught up behind her. 

Eventually, about part of the way up, Namina grew exhausted. She hated cardio. Her wings fluttered and lifted her weight from the ground, giving her relief. Thankfully her wing span wasn’t impeded by the tight walls. Flying around the spiral, Namina looked back at the Queen.

“This stairwell is quite a nuisance.”

Queen Iman chuckled. “My sentiments exactly. Normally, I would just let the wind carry me through the study window. However, I figured you wouldn’t mind a little discretion.”

“Discretion is fine. Thankfully I can still maneuver around well enough.”

“We’re almost at the top now.”

Sure enough, a few moments went by and finally revealed a fairly normal looking door. Queen Iman tugged on the thin chain around her neck and an ornate, iron key dangled from it. Two twists and the door swung open, and the Queen stepped aside.

“After you, My Lady.”

Namina bowed her head. As soon as both of them were inside, the air thickened and electrified. Namina felt powerful, but didn’t understand why. She sat down on the couch near the window and kept her hands in her lap. 

“Well, Your Majesty, you have me right where you want me now.” Queen Iman visibly trembled at her words. “What would you like of me?”

“I don’t want to tell you to do anything.”

“Then please speak clearly. What do you want?”

The Queen sat on the cushion in front of her, looking just as lost as Namina felt. “You might think it unusual.”

Laughter bubbled out from Namina unexpectedly. “And what part of our interactions hasn’t been unusual thus far?”

That made Queen Iman giggle, and the lightness of the expression was so tender, Namina’s heart fluttered.

“You have a point, I admit.”

“Of course I have a point,” she smiled. “So, just come out with it.”

Queen Iman looked at the floor for a few moments before nodding. “I want you to be my Lady-in-Waiting. I want you to live here, at the castle, with me.”

“Why? Is it really just because you want to include the Fae presence in the court?”

“That is part of it. But admittedly no, it is not the only reason.” She cleared her throat and sat up straighter. “In truth, I want you. But I do not wish to treat you as one would expect.”

Namina tilted her head. “What does that mean?”

Queen Iman swallowed thickly. “I have… these dreams… of you and I together. But the you in my dreams… will not submit.”

“Am I supposed to?”

Slowly, Queen Iman shook her head to and fro and Namina’s eyes widened.

“Whenever I see you submitting,” said the Queen. “I get… a bit mad.”

“Oh!” Now that explains a number of things. Namina scooted herself forward on the couch, hands on her chin. “This is unusual, indeed.”

“And yet you seem pleased,” she laughed.

“Well, this is quite the request to be receiving from the Queen of the Fairfolk Nations. Do you not agree, Your Majesty?”

Queen Iman’s smile dropped slightly and Namina giggled.

“Even hearing your title infuriates you?”

“‘Infuriate’ might be too strong of a word. But I do not like it. Not from your lips.”

“I suppose it is your desire for something a bit more intimate, no?”

Queen Iman nodded and scooted forward so that her knees encased Namina’s legs. “I would very much like to hear you say my name.”

“You also say you don’t wish for me to obey.”

At her soured expression, Namina laughed. “Not the response you wanted to hear?”

She shook her head.

“You like that though, don’t you?” Namina’s smile grew as the Queen’s eyes widened and her fang bit into her lip. “That’s what you want, yeah? For me to challenge you?”

“I want much more than that.”

Crossing her arms, Namina scooted back and put a bit of distance between them both. She scanned the Queen. There wasn’t a single inch of her that left any disappointment. The silver scales that dotted along her brown skin looked like gems that gleamed in the sunlight. Her large, silver tail was slowly sliding itself up onto the couch to graze Namina’s thighs and hips. Those dark brown eyes that looked at Namina so admiringly she almost appeared desperate.

There was something nagging in the back of her head. Daring her almost. And soon enough Namina heard herself asking the one thing she’s been wondering since the start of this conversation. 

“Your Majesty, is it your desire to be dominated by me?”

Queen Iman did not respond, but the desperate look in her eyes was telling. Namina, however, was not satisfied.

“If I am right, I would like you to say that clearly, so there is no misunderstanding. Is that what you want? The truth behind your desire for me to be your Lady-in-Waiting?”

“Yes,” she said immediately.

“In what ways, exactly? Being Queen, I’m sure you don’t intend to allow me full control.”

“When we are alone together, I wish for you to have full, complete control, and for you to do whatever you want so long as it doesn’t have any negative effect on my people or my country. Around others, we act as any usual Queen and Lady-in-Waiting. For the most part, it would mostly just appear as a companionship.”

“A companionship?” Namina giggled softly. “And if you decide my company is not what you expect it to be?”

“Well, I think that will need to be left for us to discover. And if either one of us decides we don’t wish to continue, then we should reevaluate the situation. Do you agree?”

“That does sound reasonable.”

“So,” the Queen sat straighter, eyes alight and Namina giggled.

“Eager, aren’t we?”

“Perhaps a little,” she admitted, bashfully. “This is something I’ve been wanting for years now.”

Namina blinked, surprised. “Years?”

Queen Iman chuckled softly and looked at the ground. “Ah, yes. To be completely honest, the first time I saw you was about two years ago. You were performing at the Ancestral Amphitheater.”

She remembered that performance well. It was the first time Namina had a show in Qolas and learned at the last minute that the Queen and her party were in attendance. That first moment walking out onto the stage was the scariest of her life and by the end she couldn’t believe she’d made it through without fainting. Her very first performance in front of a whole filled theater.

Thinking of it now, Namina couldn’t believe she’d been so nervous. If the past version of herself knew where she’d be sitting today, she would’ve made the show much more memorable. 

“Two years…” Namina repeated.

Queen Iman moved onto the couch beside Namina and spoke softly. “That night, when I watched you perform, I felt something stir inside of me and I couldn’t shake it. No matter how hard I tried to forget. But, when it still wouldn’t go away, I found myself sneaking out of the castle just to see you.”

“You never approached me.”

“No, I didn’t.” Iman looked down.

Namina moved closer. “Why?”

“Because,” she rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I was nervous. You… you make me nervous.”

The thrill that shot through Namina’s spine was dangerously exciting. She cleared her throat and scooted closer, pressing her hip flush against Iman’s.

The Queen did nothing but stare at the spot they were touching, her breath quickened, and Namina placed her hand on her thigh. Those dark irises jerked up to meet Namina. There was no disgust or repulsion, no uncertainty. The only noticeable emotion Namina could see was a hopeful desire.

Namina pulled away and stood up. 

The Queen’s hope seemed to die. 

“Is something wrong?” she asked. “Did I say the wrong thing? Please just-”

Namina tapped a finger on her own lips and Iman silenced. Something in the back of Namina’s head tingled at the confirmation. 

“Do you want your title attached to your name?”

Queen Iman’s eyes widened. “Is this your acceptance?”

“Answer my question.”

She noticed the way the Queen’s shoulders trembled at Namina’s demand and had to bite her lip to stop the smile.

“Just Iman, please.” Namina nodded and Iman added, “May I call you Namina?”

“Stand up.”

Iman obeyed.

“Come here.”

Iman glided up to her in two motions and towered over Namina. But she wouldn’t let herself be intimidated. Locking her fingers behind her back, Namina fluttered her wings and brought herself up to Iman’s height. She brought her face close, but kept a fair amount of distance between them. Her face tilted to the slide a bit and she brought her hand up as if to graze Iman’s neck. 

“Tell me, Iman… in what ways, exactly, do you like to be touched?”


Being Iman’s Lady-in-Waiting was an easy position for Namina to fall into. Learning all of Iman’s wants and desires was the most exciting aspect of the whole change.

Funnily enough however, despite all the effort Iman went through in the beginning to keep their relationship a secret, they were discovered within the first month of Namina moving in. The Queen, in all her desperation, had slipped up at just the wrong moment.

Namina was sitting in the library when she felt a presence come up behind her. Large hands caressed her shoulders and a warm breath washed over her head. She giggled as Iman pressed her lips against Namina’s cheek. 

“Now, just what do you think you’re doing?”

“You can’t really blame me.” Iman said as she sat in the open chair beside her and pressed more small kisses down the side of Namina’s neck. “You’ve been sitting here for hours. How long must I wait? I think you’re trying to make me jealous over books.”

“Jealous, you say? My, my… now that does sound like a problem. You shouldn’t be jealous over inanimate objects.”

“I most certainly can be. I am the Queen and yet you seem far more interested in reading than in spending time with me.”

“Are you in need of my company, Your Majesty?”

Iman’s jaw dropped, stunned. “Do you not wish to spend time with me?”

“That’s not what I said.”

“Am I not fun enough for you to play with anymore?”

Namina smirked and looked at Iman from the corner of her eye. “Speak clearly.”

“I miss you and I want to feel your touch,” admitted Iman.

“Ah… is that it then?”

“Am I being punished?”

“Should you be?”

Iman’s eyes glanced around as though she were thinking her answer through thoroughly before responding. “I don’t believe so.”

“Then you don’t need to worry.” Namina flipped the page of her book. “I am merely here because this is where the books are.”

“Then… will you come back to my chambers with me?”

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“Asking… of course.”

Namina hummed. “Then no. I think I will stay here.”

A tiny whine sounded from Iman’s throat. “Well… then… May I stay with you?”

“Of course you may. And if you’re good, and wait patiently without making too much of a fuss, then perhaps I might even let you cum tonight.”

Iman sat up straight, eyes alight. “I’ll be good. Should I just sit here quietly?”

“Do as you wish. Just don’t complain until I’m finished with my book.”

“Okay.” She nodded and sat silently as she watched Namina. For a while, she didn’t do anything, but after some time, Namina noticed how Iman started to fidget, and how she kept looking around them. 

Namina didn’t say anything about it. She waited to see what Iman would do next. 

“Lady Namina,” she said softly.

Namina looked at her. “Hm?” 

Iman leaned in and trapped Namina in a searing kiss. She nipped and licked at Namina’s lips for entrance, and once she was finally granted access, her tongue invaded Namina’s mouth as if she’d been deprived of water for days. Namina moaned, almost overwhelmed by the intensity, and Iman pulled away. Both of them were breathing heavily.

Iman was the first to speak. “Forgive me. I don’t know what came over me.”

Someone gasped, making them both jump a part.

 A handmaiden they hadn’t been aware of, happened to be passing by and saw it all.

Word spread throughout the castle like wildfire and soon everyone was looking at her funny and treating her differently. Some of it was encouraging, most of it was bad, and Namina bore it all with a brave, unaffected smile.

Soon enough, the novelty died down, and Namina was left in relative peace. The Queen handled her duties by day and by night Namina would find new ways for them to play together. 

Just like tonight.

Sitting on the throne in the grand room, Namina waited patiently. She knew Iman was looking for her—she hadn’t been in the room when she told Iman she would be—so she could only hope someone else wouldn’t happen upon her first instead. 

She sat comfortably, leaned back with her knees lying to the side and her arms draped over the armrests as if she belonged in that spot.

After a long time she saw the far door crack open and Iman’s head poked in. Namina heard her intake of breath just before she checked backwards and stepped inside, closing the door silently.

Iman glided across the room to the throne. She wore her night robe, and it fluttered around her in the most impressive silk, but everything halted as she stopped at the bottom of the steps. Namina could see the way Iman trembled looking up at her.

Iman whispered. “I thought you were going to come to my bedchambers.”

Namina smiled coyly. “I know but isn’t this much more exciting? What do you think?” She wiggled suggestively in the seat. “Don’t I look good up here?”

“Yes, you do.”

“I like it up here, I was thinking how I might like to stay here tonight.”

“If that’s what my Lady wishes then,” she bowed low. “May I please be granted permission to approach?”

“You may, but you must kneel there,” she pointed at the edge of the platform with her foot.

Iman slowly walked up the steps and stopped the moment she reached the top. As she dropped down to her knees and swallowed thickly.

“How else may I please you, Milady?”

“Today was rather exhausting, don’t you agree?”

Iman nodded. “I do.”

“I feel like I was standing forever. My feet hurt,” she pouted.

“Perhaps I can ease your pain. If you would only allow me.”

“You may touch me,” Namina said.

Iman beamed and crawled forward, her tail swayed from left to right. She reached out and tentatively grabbed Namina’s ankle, pulling her foot into her lap as she began rubbing circles into Namina’s sole. Iman’s strong grip kneaded into her aches and Namina moaned contentedly

“Does this please you, Milady?”

“That feels lovely,” she praised. “You always know exactly how to use your hands.”

“I know how to use my mouth pretty well also, as you know,” Iman said as she dropped her head down to place a kiss on the top of Namina’s foot. “May I also please you with that?”

“Hm,” Namina hummed as she wiggled farther into the seat. “I’m not sure. As much as I would like to indulge you, you were not a very good girl today.”

Iman’s head snapped up and a tiny whine escaped her as her brows furrowed. “What? But I-”

“Got just a little bit too cozy with the Elven Princess,” Namina interrupted.

“N-no, I wasn’t!”


Iman shook her head, grabbing both of her legs. “No. I was only showing her how we do our weaving. Nothing more.”

“She looked particularly happy about your attentions,” Namina said, leaning her head against her knuckles.

“I cannot be held responsible for that. Azalea’s feelings are her own, they hold no bearing over me or my wants.”

“Hm… I don’t think I like that answer.”

“I- she…” Iman’s grip tightened, her hands sliding up to wrap around Namina’s waist. “She means nothing. Nothing at all compared to you. Everytime she drew closer to me, all I could think about was you. I could never be tempted by anyone that wasn’t you. Let me prove it. Please, mommy?”

A shiver tingled down Namina’s spine and she struggled to keep the neutral expression on her face. Iman’s tail coiled up Namina’s leg and squeezed, pulling it away from the other.

“Please mommy. I’ll beg, is that what you want? I’ve wanted to taste you so badly all day. Please.”

Namina inhaled heavily and leaned her head back. It was harder to stay in character whenever Iman started begging. The way her tail kept inching higher up Namina’s thigh made every nerve on her body ignite and soon it wrapped around her waist and pulled her to the edge of the seat.

“Mommy,” Iman said huskily. “May I?”

A smirk cracked across Namina’s face. “You’re such a naughty girl.”

“I’ll be good for you. I’ll wash that woman’s name off from my tongue with your juices. Just say I can mommy. Please.”

Namina was shaking, her whole body felt warm, and it was taking everything within her not to just pounce on Iman right then. Instead, she nodded slowly. “You better not miss a single spot.”

The fire that ignited within Iman’s eyes was sinful. She wasted no time. Her head dipped down as her tail angled Namina’s hips upwards and she spread her legs open wide. Namina wasn’t wearing any underwear, only a thin nightgown. Iman had thrown the fabric out of her way in no time and dived down in between her legs. Her tongue made one grand sweep up, shocking Namina’s system, and settled on the sensitive bundle of nerves that instantly drew a soft wail out of her. 

Iman sucked on her nub until Namina’s legs shook and then she licked down into her dripping wet folds. Namina had to remind herself not to moan. But Iman knew the best ways to break her. After a couple of swirls around and into her pussy, Iman’s tongue moved lower and prodded her puckering asshole. 

Namina’s breath caught in her throat.

Her claws scraped into the soft flesh of Namina’s ass as she spread her cheeks wider and buried her tongue within. Namina could feel that forked muscle crawl farther up inside and reach a spot that made Namina feel like melting butter. She shook and mewled as she reached down and started pinching and twisting her own nipples. 

Iman watched her and moaned, her tongue moving more fervently just before ripping away entirely – making Namina whine. 

“N-no… w-what?” She breathed heavily and tried to understand what was happening, but she didn’t wonder for long. Iman’s tongue returned its attention back to her clit as Namina suddenly noticed something else was prodding her pussy. 

Iman threw Namina’s legs over her shoulders as she started sucking on Namina’s clit firmer and, with her tail, began probing little by little into her pussy. Her back arched off the seat and she began panting. Her knees shook each time Iman’s rough scales moved within her and Namina had to bite her lip to keep from mewling. 

When Iman’s tail increased its speed, Namina felt her insides clench in anticipation for the tension building up within her. She was going to burst. A moan ripped from her lips as Iman suddenly forced her tail up into a particularly sensitive spot and then pulled out completely. Her tongue lapped up as much of Namina’s juices as possible as she held the fae’s legs up higher and moved her tail to Namina’s ass.

Namina stopped breathing. Iman’s strong grip was impossible to hold back and all thoughts scattered from her brain as that probing tail started rolling and twisting up into her ass in a slow, yet rough, motion. It filled Namnia to the brink in an instant and her hips buckled. 

Snapping her fingers, Iman was gone and her wings fluttered to keep her off the ground. The Queen whined. Namina sat up, heaving as she was pushing her braids back, and looked down at Iman’s prone form. Her magic had tangled Iman and locked each of her limbs with silken silvery tendrils that continued to grow and slipped down within her robes. 

“Fuck, oh fuck. Yes. Yes mommy, please,” Iman begged as she writhed against the floor. She looked up and stared pleadingly. “Use me, mommy.”

Namina let her keep begging. Letting her lips slowly curve into a wicked smirk, she waited until Iman silenced. “It seems you’ve forgotten who’s the one actually in charge here. Did you think you could just have your way with me?”

Iman moaned and wiggled her hips as a few tendrils fluttered around her thighs. “I just…” she licked her lips. “Wanted to please you.”

“I told you to clean me, not to dominate me.” Three tendrils lashed against her flesh and made Iman gasp and flinch. “You even held me down, you know that?” Another lash.

“Ah, mommy,” she moaned, tilting her head back. Her legs were twitching as the tendrils wriggled around her tail. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please play with me. Please.”

“No,” Namina said. She floated over Iman as the Queen’s eyes snapped open, an argument ready on her tongue that died the moment she saw Namina’s dripping pussy hovering over her face. Namina sat firmly over Iman’s nose and mouth and rolled her hips backwards and forwards eagerly, hardly giving Iman enough time to take a breath. 

She moaned softly as she felt Iman‘s tongue stick out and lapped eagerly at Namina’s offering. Spreading her cheeks, Namina tried hard to keep her legs from shaking, and her movements grew more erratic. Her whole body was warm. She loved the sound of Iman moaning and slurping up her cum. She really was such a good girl. 

Except for when other beautiful women were in the room.

Remembering her earlier displeasure, Namina lifted her hips. She heard Iman gasp for air just before two tendrils snapped two particularly vicious lashings against her exposed pussy and made her yelp. Her hips wiggled in a vain attempt to get away as she whimpered through the pain. 

Namina willed the tendrils to pull Iman’s knees up and held her open just as she had done to Namina earlier.

“You’re such a liar, you know that?” Namina asked coldly as she pressed her pussy back over Iman’s face “You say you just want to please me. But when there’s other beautiful princesses in the room you forget all about me.”

Iman wailed wordlessly beneath her, but Namina didn’t get up. The vibrations rolled over her sensitive nub and damn near made her cum right then. She ground her hips even harder on Iman’s nose, shaking, and willed more of the tendrils to keep lashing against Iman’s neglected pussy. 

“Ah, you absolutely infuriate me for hours, and don’t even recognize it?” Another lashing. Another desperate whimper between her hips. Namina’s movements grew frenzied. Desperate to reach that peak she was so close to. 

She felt Iman’s claws find their way to her hips and pulled her even harder down onto her face, devouring Namina as if it were her last meal. Keeping her tongue out just enough for Namina to use however she wanted.

Soon enough, Namina crested right over the edge, and threw her head back as her orgasm wreaked havoc over her entire body. She shook and had to catch herself from falling, using Iman’s chest to keep her balance. Namina moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard. Almost wanting the entire castle to know exactly what was happening. 

And then an idea crashed into her like lighting. Invigorating her all over again. 

Namina’s wings fluttered, and she rose off of Iman completely. The Queen was in the most delectable state that made a tremble run through Namina’s spine. Hair disheveled, eyes glazed over, and her mouth hanging wide as she gasped for breath. Namina’s cum covered her eye, her nose, her mouth, and even dripped down her chin.  

Wiping the cum off Iman’s eye, Namina smiled devilishly. 

“Look at me, pet.”

Iman obeyed. “Mommy?”

“I’m going to play with you now. But, I don’t want you to hold anything back. I want to hear you the whole time. Do you understand? I don’t care who is nearby. I’ve enchanted the room, no one will be able to get in, but I want everyone to hear us and know. You got that?”

Iman looked a little nervous. Her eyes darted around the room. She looked to be considering. Her head almost looked like it was about to shake negatively, but instead she swallowed thickly.

“If you don’t want to. You know all you must do is command me away and everything will stop. But I hate that no one can know about us. So, tell me, where do we go from here?”

It was a few moments of Iman just staring towards the throne room door. Namina gave her the time to think and consider and made sure none of the tendrils’ teasing movements were too distracting to stop her from being clear headed. After a while however, Iman’s face turned back to Namina, and the serious glint had melted back into that subby glaze. 

“I’ll be a good girl for you, mommy. I promise.”

“Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Yes, mommy.”

Namina shivered and let herself drop down to straddle Iman’s hips. The tendrils slithered up her own legs. They were soft and cool and every wiggle made her nerves feel heightened. She bent down and pressed her lips to Iman’s, moving them in slow, sensual motions – memorizing the feeling after being long departed. She pressed her tongue into Iman’s mouth and tasted herself on her. 

Iman’s legs were shaking uncontrollably at this point. Not only did the tendrils have her knees pinned wide open, but her tail was almost entirely encased with the wiggling muscles. Some of the tendrils morphed into suckers and latched on different parts of their legs. One even somehow latched onto the tip of her tail and made her breath catch in her throat just before a mewl rumbled from her.

Namina kissed Iman’s neck as she too was a bit overwhelmed by the probing actions of her conjuration spell. Eventually, all the probing built up into more invasive measures. Tendrils rimmed each woman’s ass, rolled in the folds of their pussies, and suckers latched directly onto their clits. 

Both women moaned. Neither one making an attempt to stay quiet.  The rimming and rubbing didn’t stay slow and sensual. As they gained more courage, the tendrils boldly fucked them. Even going so far as sticking multiple tendrils into their abused holes. Juices were everywhere. The wet sounds of the tendrils going in and out of them were almost nearly as loud as their growing screams.

“Oh mommy!” Iman yelled. “Fuck, mommy, yes! You make me feel so good! Oh m-mommy!”

The idea that servants and guests were right outside the throne room hearing everything made a laugh bubble out of her throat. With her excitement, the tendrils movements became even more erratic and even began lifting both women off the ground. 

Their hands found one another as both women screamed another moan.

“Say my name.”

Iman’s mouth was slack, her eyes were rolled back into her head, and her long tongue was hanging from her mouth. Namina grabbed her throat and squeezed and the moan Iman made rolled through the tendrils and up into Namina herself. 

“Fuck,” she shook and then growled into Iman’s ear. “Say my name, Iman. Do it.”

Strong arms wrapped around her and after a tiny moan she heard a desperate whisper in her ear. “Namiiiinaaa~”

Everything broke at that moment. Another orgasm hit Namina, even harder than the first one, and Iman’s grip around her tightened so hard she thought she might break. The tendrils made those final wild movements as they each rode out their pleasure and carefully brought them back down to the ground before dissipating into mist.

They laid on that cold stone floor for a long while after that, watching the stars through the glass ceiling. Their breaths long since returned and all the pent up tension forgotten. Iman had her arms and legs wrapped around Namina, keeping them tightly curled together. Her head propped up on her knuckles as Namina’s head lay on her arm. She was playing with Namina’s braids, silently watching her watch the stars, until Namina finally returned her gaze.

“You know that Princess Azalea means nothing to me, right?”

Namina smirked and turned her head back, closing her eyes, but the light touch of claws on her chin drew her attention. 

“You know it, don’t you?” Iman pressed. “I would do anything for you.”

“I know you would.”

“But you don’t believe me?”

“I never said that.”

“But you also never said you did.”

Namina’s smile stayed and she kept her mouth shut as she drew her fingers carefully over Iman’s cheek. They stayed that way for a long moment before Iman broke the silence again.

“Marry me.”

Namina froze. “Excuse me?” 

“Please, marry me. Rule at my side.”

“You’re… crazy. You know that?”

Iman smiled, nodding. “I have moments. So I’m told.”

“You don’t think this is a bit rash? I’ve only been your Lady-in-Waiting for a year now. I can’t rule. The people still don’t really know me.”

“They will never know the true you. They don’t even know the true me and I’ve been ruling for over a decade. They will get used to the idea in time. You love me, don’t you?”

Namina nodded.

“Then marry me. This way you won’t ever need to worry about any other person coming between us.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Is that a yes?”

Namina swallowed thickly and tears welled up in her eyes. Fear and excitement roared for dominance inside her as she bit her lip and nodded. “Yes,” she whispered.

Iman’s smile was more radiant than the sun. Then she smashed their lips together and tangled them in a mess of excited frenzy. Laughter echoing in the room around them as the morning sun began to wake.


2 responses to “Unusual Proposal”

  1. Reblogged this on Sam Clover and commented:
    Awesome f/f fantasy novella by La Purvis! I enjoyed reading it quite a bit! Namina and Iman have strong chemistry and are both interesting as fuck in their own right, and seriously, my mouth waters whenever Namina gets that playfully controlling glint in her eye.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and also for all your helpful advice while writing this!! I appreciate you.

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